Who We Are

Caring Solutions began in 1984 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that delivers compassionate services to women and their partners facing unplanned pregnancies in a nationally-accredited healthcare setting. We strive daily to make a difference in the lives of those experiencing unplanned pregnancies and have multiple locations to serve our patients. We have recorded over 45,000 visits and are dedicated to helping as many people as possible.

Our Patient Visit Process

During an appointment, our medical team meets with patients to understand their specific situation. We take the time to evaluate all concerns and provide information about options available to them.

Each staff member is specially trained to serve women facing unplanned pregnancies. We want to provide our patients with all the information they need and in an environment where they can feel comfortable. Our staff is equipped to offer support in a caring, non-judgmental, and grace-filled environment.

Who We Serve

Our primary goal is to reach sexually active, at-risk men and women in Central Georgia. Unplanned pregnancies present women and their partners with one of the hardest decisions of their lives. This decision becomes even more difficult when they experience pressure from others to choose abortion. We come alongside each patient and evaluate the foundational areas that affect their decision making process. By encouraging and helping these men and women build a stable foundation, we see hope offered and futures changed.

The Board of Directors and Staff of Caring Solutions are honored to serve our Central Georgia communities.

We pray that we make a difference

– one life at a time.

The GPS Program

Our GPS (Guide, Prepare, Support) Program takes clients through each stage of pregnancy while providing education and support until the baby is one year old. Throughout this program, those facing unplanned pregnancies will be taken through the various stages of pregnancy and delivery. They will learn:

  • How to have a healthy pregnancy
  • How to care for a newborn
  • Early parenting skills

In addition to preparing for the birth and raising of their child, the GPS Program will help women in all aspects of their lives. They will receive training in life skills that will help them long after they have left Caring Solutions. We will provide assistance in planning their education and career paths. They will also learn how to create resumés, apply for jobs, and prepare for job interviews.

While clients work their way through the program, they will have the opportunity to earn points by successfully learning and applying the skills we teach. These points can be redeemed in our Baby Boutique, which contains baby clothes, diapers, bottles, car seats, and many other material items. All of the items in the Baby Boutique are donated by our generous community.

Contact Us to Donate to the GPS Program.