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Patients come to us from all over Central Georgia facing what may be one of the hardest decisions of their lives. We are honored to offer our services free of charge to all women. We strive to encourage a stable foundation for these women by offering medical services, decision support, prevention information, after-abortion support, and pregnancy, parenting, and life-skills education. They are equipped for the journey ahead through education, material items, and connections to community resources.


We explore these five areas of holistic care in each appointment:


 Medical Services

Pregnancy Education

Parenting Education


Stressors & Joys
Decision Making 
Goal Achievement 


Personal Beliefs

Spiritual Background




Interpersonal Relationships

Support System 
Community Resources 

Our medical services team delivers compassionate care in a nationally-accredited healthcare setting. Men and women from all over Central Georgia discover our full range of support services primarily through online searches and friend referrals. They are experiencing need to know what options are available. They come feeling overwhelmed, alone, and scared.

After being served by an incredible team who offered hope and life-affirming care, many leave with a newfound sense of courage. Hundreds of men and women are empowered, educated, and encouraged.


"Thank you. I was nervous and unsure before coming in today. Thank you for listening and making me feel at ease."

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In addition to the services that we provide our patients, our team is dedicated to equipping people with the tools they need to support friends, classmates, relatives, and co-workers facing unplanned pregnancies. On average, women with unplanned pregnancies will confide in five people about their situation. It can be difficult to know the best way to respond or show support when someone shares this kind of life-altering information. We believe that the best way to respond is through the three C’s:


for them


them down


them to us

Our team offers workshops and seminars so that you can be a first responder and point someone toward the help that they need! Our training lasts just one hour and attendees will learn to listen, respond and communicate in a compassionate and effective way. They will also learn how to refer those in need of help to resources that will be beneficial. Our presentations are available to schools and colleges, businesses, religious groups, and more.


Contact Us today to learn more about being a first responder!