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Meet the Staff Leading Our Expansion Efforts

As we move into 2024, we've identified 3 key areas we need to expand to meet our clients' needs: fatherhood support, telehealth access, and community outreach. We have been blessed with an incredible team that is skilled and passioned in these exact areas – meet Steven, Michelle, and Denise. These are the leaders who are overseeing our expansion efforts. Here’s some insight, straight from the people who are serving our clients face to face, into how these vital areas of client care will make an impact.


Why is expanding these services important for the clients we serve?

Fathers are not extinct, but they are endangered. We are located in a cultural context that is experiencing the disappearance of solid, stable fathers. The problem is that the father has an important role to play in the development of a family, one that cannot be replaced by programs, support services, or money. Fathers play a crucial role in the entire unplanned pregnancy journey, from the initial decision-making process to sharing parenting responsibilities - how involved they are may quite literally be the difference between life and death. By expanding our fatherhood services to help vulnerable fathers and fathers to-be right at the beginning, we hope to see fathers once again be present and involved in their families. What an incredible way to honor God's design for family - His designs are important. 

Why is being on mission with Caring Solutions important to you?

I have spent the last 18 years of my life working with youth in impoverished communities where nearly 90% of the youth live without a father in the home. During that time, I have seen tragedy and experienced the futility of trying to fill the gap left where a father role should be. I have been burdened and called to make an intentional move toward addressing the root cause of the symptoms I have fought against. That burden brought me here to Caring Solutions.


Why is expanding these services important for the clients we serve?

As the Nurse Practitioner for Caring Solutions, I’m working toward making our medical staff just as easily accessible to the women we serve as Planned Parenthood is to them. By expanding further into the telehealth arena, we will be able to serve these vulnerable young women with a broader scope of hours…even when our physical offices are closed. Whenever she is able to reach an abortion provider, she should be able to reach us, too.


Why is being on mission with Caring Solutions important to you?

Working at Caring Solutions allows me the opportunity to love, serve, and sit across from women that are desperately seeking help. Thank you for allowing me to be the hands and feet of Jesus to her when she needs us the most!


Why is expanding these services important for the clients we serve?

Expanding community outreach beyond our four walls is about tackling the complex web of challenges our moms and dads face, empowering them to navigate pregnancy and parenthood with confidence.

Practically, that might look like this:

  • Accompanying a client to appointments, showing her in a tangible way that she is not alone, reducing any anxiety, boosting her confidence, and helping her know what questions to ask

  • Being present at a school meeting to help a client understand complex jargon, advocate for their child's needs, and ensure their voice is heard

  • Attending an eviction proceeding at court with a client to help her understand her rights, connect her with legal aid if needed, and help her come up with an action plan for the future.

Accompanying clients is not about taking over their voice but amplifying it through our support and guidance. By strategically extending our services beyond our walls, we can empower clients to navigate challenging situations and advocate for themselves with newfound confidence and self-efficacy. 

Why is being on mission with Caring Solutions important to you?

Being on mission for me is about making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and families facing some of the most challenging circumstances of their lives. It is about stepping up and fighting for those who may not have a voice or the resources to advocate for themselves. I hope to not just provide temporary relief; my aim is to tackle the cycle of poverty by addressing root causes of hardship and empowering individuals to achieve long term success. This is what I am called to do as a follower of God.



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